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High Quality Repair & Installation Service

MyTVCom-Setup is the Best TV Repair Service In Varanasi. We associate you with the best TV repair technicians in Varanasi who can fix the TV of all sizes and objects. All TV experts can fix TV of any kind like Sony, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and others.

We provide tailored guidance by experienced technicians optimized for LED / LCD TVs, all in equal measure. As a business purpose we ensure that the actual reinforcing parts are applied to the LED output diode. Our repair management is dealing with all minor and important repair issues. We record the complaint number, fix the issue and give the client a fixed fix.

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Accurate Record Keeping

We provide repair management by experienced technicians prepared for LED / LCD TV repair service, all equally.  We ensure that the actual reinforcing parts are applied to the LED transmitting diode.

Experienced Technicians

We provide experienced technicians to our customers who provide quality services to our customer with full satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are fully satisfied with the TV repair and installation service as they receive service at your door with our expert technicians.

24/7 Availability

We provide our 24x7 customer services and support by installing and upgrading Varanasi services over a limited period of time. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


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We are home improvement and development specialists, and we are known for our work ethic and the quality of unparalleled quality so you can understand that the work will be done directly and completely.


LCD TV Repair

Need a solid LED Television fix? Get full control of the modifications of LED Television models and models on MyTv Com Varanasi. Portable TVs have a modern working environment and you can get sharp features of your LED TV connection from us continuously. The service is included in the comfort of the client we take care of the best TV repair service we can provide to the customer. We have found trust as the best way to fix LCD TV.


LED TV Repair

Looking for faster LED TV management? Manage your damaged TV with the MyTv service, where the upper limits meet new TV vision verification programs. Most importantly, you can do the same without stressing that you need to buy a new TV in full! The service is an excellent TV fix option. We can understand that you cannot simply replace your damaged LED TV by buying a new TV as an expensive one.


Plasma TV Repair

Adjusting your YouTube Television will not be possible from now on! Whatever the case, keep your television up-to-date and ensure the rapid recovery of quality solid individuals. Many problems with tube TV can be fixed at home. The service can be fully understood. Your time is just as important as ours so Service comes to your home or any place you find in Varanasi.

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We are here to help you. We will do it for you! The quality you expect, to assist you with absolution! Book Now for Instant TV Repair Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, our technician can fix all kinds of TVs including Samsung television fixes, LG television fixes, Philips television fixes, Onida television fixes and sony television fixes in Varanasi.

We appreciate various installment strategies including cash, check, card installment, online installment, and more. You can choose a strategy of your choice.

For standard screen TV, broken screen repair is one of the best cost adjustments. As a rule, in everything except the larger screens, it is more than the cost of the TV instead. The larger TV screen is more expensive to replace, yet real TVs are more exaggerated, so they can benefit you in any way.

Even lines on the TV screen can be brought in by a damaged program, image frame errors or free internal cords. Broken signals from such a machine produce blurry images on the LCD screen. These are usually displayed as lines on the screen.

Operating TVs are a type of LCD TV, which differs in its kick-back frame and is similar to the re-branding of a show that produces image content. For standard LCD TVs, there are Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) set on the back of the LCD boards to illuminate the board pixels. Although on LED TVs, LEDs are used instead of CCFLs to illuminate the LCD board.

MyTv Go offers door-to-door TV repair management in Varanasi, so you can book close to the TV repair manager on request, after the application has been submitted we will send the best TV repair specialists nearby to get your TV back in excellent condition. .